Top 10 Exterior House Painting Color Ideas 2024

Painting the exterior of your home is not an easy task as a lot of planning and research is required before starting the process. Exterior house painting can help to transform your outdated space into something your neighbors will envy. In addition, it safeguards your house from harsh elements, increases its resale value, and enhances its curb appeal. Exterior paint colors can create great first impressions of your house to new visitors. Choosing the wrong color scheme for your house exterior can ruin the look of your home and make you a laughing stock in the neighborhood. On the flip side, by making informed color choices, you can transform your space to be the most elegant and welcoming one in the vicinity.

If you are searching for the perfect color scheme for your house’s exterior (exterior house color 2024), then we got you covered. Our professional painters will help you make the right color choice for your exterior house painting project. Without further ado, here is our list of top 10 popular exterior paint colors combination that will make your house stand out in 2024 and beyond:

1. White and Brown

Although this is a conventional color trend, it qualifies to be in our list of top 10 modern exterior paint house color scheme ideas. White portrays impressions of brightness, freshness, and cleanliness. Brown is also a color that blends perfectly with different colors and in this scheme, it enhances the beauty of your home. A good white shade combined with brown boosts the welcoming factor of your house. In this color combination, you can paint the roof Brown and the walls in Crisp White.

2. Green and Grey

If your home is located somewhere close to the woods, then we highly recommend that you paint your house exterior using a green color. This color combination idea helps your home to naturally blend with the environment or surroundings. When choosing the right exterior house paint color scheme, you should do your best to choose the color that blends with the environment, not against your surroundings. This seamless color scheme works in harmony with the lush tree in your surroundings. A Grey and Green color combination consists of painting your walls in a green shade and the roof painted in dark grey.

3. The Red Door

There is something appealing and unique about a red color particularly if your house is painted white or gray. It makes a bold statement as a feature. It is a great option if you want a splash of color but doesn’t want to go to the top. The term is popular in pubs across the island. We think that the red color looks attractive regardless of where its association may lie.

Exterior Home Color Combination

4. Yellow & White & Brown

For fancier exterior house paint color combinations, it is a great idea to maintain the basic color theme as yellow. Unlike other colors, yellow gives a cheerful touch to your house making visitors feel much more welcomed. Bright yellow shades can be very uplifting; thus energizing each area in your home. This bright and fresh exterior house colors 2024 combination idea makes your house feel alive! It involves a fresh and bright yellow shade on your walls and a dark brown shade on your roof. Like other color combinations, you can paint your windows and doors in crisp white to showcase the basic theme of your house exterior.

5. Grey & White

We all know the importance of Grey color in painting your house, so why not paint your house’s exterior with different shades of Grey? This clean and simple color combination offers your home a great aesthetic that anyone in your neighborhood appreciates. If you don’t want something too fancy, then a full Grey exterior should be your color choice. You can paint the walls using a light Grey shade and it can be a good option. The roof can be painted using charcoal Grey. White is a perfect color choice for doors and windows.

6. Metallic

This exterior house paint color combination idea is different and unique from others you have read in this list. Before you think of using this delicate, yet simple color scheme for your house’s exterior, you should be aware that metallic paints are difficult to find compared to others. Some manufacturers provide exquisite metallic paint shades, such as Bronze. A Bronze-themed exterior offers a trendy aesthetic to your home, making people turn their heads when walking past your home.

7. Blue & Grey

One of the most decent and eye-catching exterior house painting color ideas is Blue and Grey. The Blue shade offers a serene and nautical feeling to your house. You can also use Royal blue to provide your house with that feeling of loyalty to the home. In addition, the blue color has a unique ability to please onlookers in just one single glimpse. A Blue & Grey exterior offers your house the formal aesthetic and regal touch that you are looking for. This color combination idea includes the walls painted in the dark blue shade like Royal Blue and your roof painted in classic Grey.

8. Grey and Pale Aqua

This is one of the best-looking and popular exterior house colors especially if your house is situated in tropical areas. The pale Aqua walls paired with a Grey roof can do wonders, particularly when inviting visitors to your tropical paradise or haven. If you reside in a beach landscape, then this color scheme is ideal for you.

9. Blue, White and Red

This exterior house color combination offers a modern look to a conventional style home. With this combination, you should create a good balance between the reds, whites, and blues, without going overboard on either side. Such fancy house colors will assist you to reach the level of happiness you deserve in your home.

10. Sky Blue

Blue is relaxing and cheerful for the sight and thus can be used to paint your walls. If you love to remain calm and want a sense of relaxation in your house you can choose this color. Emotions are balanced especially if you apply the right mix to the exterior walls.

We hope that this post has given some inspiration for making any upgrades to your house exterior painting. It is incredible how some color combination can change your house into a spectacular home. If you need professional exterior house painters help to make your Murfreesboro home become the talk of the neighborhood, contact us to  get a free quote  today.

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