How To Prepare Your Home Before Painting

Painting your home might be a time-consuming and challenging task, but with the right professionals and preparations, the process gets simplified faster. If you are one of those homeowners who want to forego the stress of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) painting of your home, then you may have already been looking for a professional exterior and interior painter. Hiring professional home painters to do a painting job comes with a lot of benefits. But it is important to do some preparation work before the painter arrives so that the job becomes hassle-free and smooth for both parties involved.

Good news for you, if you live in Murfreesboro TN, First Class Painting can assist you to get your home or business professionally painted. But finding a good house painting contractor or a company that offers interior home painting services is just the initial step towards finishing your job. Preparation is also crucial to having a great experience while reducing surprises.

Here are some expert tips you can implement to make sure that your whole painting process runs smoothly:

Move and Cover Furniture

House painting professionals want to disturb your daily routine as little as possible. But, when doing a job that probably involves moving furniture around, disruption can be inevitable. That’s why it’s crucial to understand where the furniture should be moved before the painting job starts.

It is highly recommended to move all pieces of furniture away from the interior walls, and relocate them towards the center of your room to be covered by the painters so that the experts will be in a position to paint the whole wall with ease. Moving the furniture to the center of your room or even covering it, prevents any unwanted paint splattering on your valuables. Also, avoid shoving all furniture pieces in the passages or hallway to prevent any obstructions and physical damage.

Remove Electronics and Appliances

Appliances and electronics are expensive items. Be sure to remove them from your floors and windows to ensure that they don’t get accidentally destroyed by paint splashes. That’s why you should cover or remove electronics and appliances such as the sound system, gaming system, television, refrigerator and stove. These are super expensive items that can get defaced by paint splashed or destroyed if the house painting crew attempts to relocate or remove them to another location in your home.

If you don’t have sufficient materials to cover the electronics, appliances, and furniture, no worries. The professional house painting contractor will probably bring along drop cloths to cover your valuable possessions. Remember that it is possible for the paint to spatter even when the items are covered, for instance, when painting your ceiling. So, the best remedy is to typically relocate all items to another room.

Take Down Wall Hangings and Ornaments

Decorative ornaments and wall hangings are a major obstruction for interior home painters. Carefully remove all photo frames, posters, clocks, vases, candle holders, wall art pieces and paintings before relocating the furniture. Wrap them in a bubble wrap to safeguard them from breaking and store them in marked storage containers or boxes. You might be tempted to cover and pile the ornaments and hangings with large furniture gathered in one corner of the room.  But, drops of paint can find their way onto your valuable decorative pieces. In the end, it may be advisable to just relocate them to another room in your house.

Clean the Wall

It is natural to assume that because your walls are about to be repainted there is no need to clean them. But in the real sense, cleaning the walls before painting your home can make a huge difference in the results you obtain. Dirt, dust, and stains can accumulate on your walls over time. Although they are not visible to the naked eyes, you can bet that they will be more prominent when your walls are finally re-painted. The paint will typically stick to these substances and cause them to remain on the walls of your house permanently. That’s why we highly recommend that you invest some time to scrub and clean your walls.

Prepare Painting Home Before Painter Arrives

Benefits of Prepping Your Home Before the Painter Arrives

The preparation work is very crucial for any home painting project and is also referred to as surface preparation. A professional interior house painter appreciates when homeowners prepare beforehand to make their home painter ready. You can request your home painting services provider if there are particular things you can do to help the project run smoothly. The painter may love this arrangement as he will be in a position to dive straight to the painting job once he arrives at the job site.

Preparing your home before the painting professionals arrive will minimize the time it takes to complete the project, safeguard your valuable household articles and save you money in having to replace or clean items destroyed from the spattering paint. It also minimizes the risk of households getting damaged while being moved by the painting crew.

Hire the Professional Painters in Murfreesboro TN

Preparing your home beforehand is crucial to enjoying positive experiences and eliminates the need for an interior house painter to spend more time prepping your home. At First Class Painting in Murfreesboro TN, our aim is to offer you the best experience when painting your house. Our certified and licensed painting professionals have years of experience painting for commercial, residential, and industrial customers. Contact us at 615-299-6407 to book an appointment and request a free quote today.

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