Interior Painting: Transform Your Home or Business

Painting your business or home is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform it into an extraordinary space. By altering the colors of your walls, you can give your home or business a brand new look. Interior painting ideas are the simplest ways to transform your business or home quickly, easily and of course on a low budget. If your business or home represents you, refresh its interior by applying a fresh coat of paint.

Picking colors for your interior wall painting can be more daunting. You may have an ideal color in your mind but are not sure whether it will make the desired impact. If you select dull colors, your house or business may seem featureless and flat. That’s why you need to work with experienced interior painting contractors to transform the look of your business or home. Read on to discover interior painting ideas and tips that can change the look of your business or home.

What is Included in Interior Painting?

The most crucial spaces in our daily lives are inside our businesses or homes. Many of these spaces can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. The quickest and most cost-effective home or business renovation is interior painting. You can change the look of your business or home just by applying a new coat of paint.

Interior painting for the home can be as elaborate or as simple as you prefer. To be one in control, you require information. Interior painting can be expensive, particularly if you do it yourself. The decorative improvement and cost savings with painting your home interiors can be substantial when compared to other improvements such as buying new furniture or carpet.

We get frantic calls from customers all the time that won’t cost estimates for the interior painting over the phone. I think many clients assume that all interior painting projects are the same and square rate foot for painting. While spending a lot of time explaining to callers that we can offer them a ballpark estimate, we require them to see their businesses or homes to offer them an accurate estimate.

Here are some of the things painting contractors consider when preparing an estimate:

  • Condition of your walls
  • Any damage or repairs that needs to be fixed
  • Square footage of walls
  • Height of your ceilings
  • Paint specifications
  • The overall cost of your project
  • Scope of the project
  • Completion and start dates

How Often Should the Interior of a Home be Repainted?

If you are partnering with professional painters for your home interior, you may be wondering how frequently your ceilings, trim and walls should be painted. While the major reason for painting the interior parts of your home is to upgrade the colors of a home, another great reason is for general maintenance to make sure your home or business always looks great.

Your home’s interior décor generally doesn’t require to be painted as occasionally as the exterior. But, there are some simple interior painting frequency tricks you must follow to keep your paint looking refreshed in each space on every surface inside your home.

Some interior walls in your home require to be repainted more often than others due to daily tear and wear. Here are some tips on how often you should repaint the three major rooms in your home:

1. Living and Dining Rooms: A formal dining room or living room doesn’t get used frequently, so the interior paint tends to last longer than in other rooms in your home. If you use durable, high-quality paint in your dining room, you won’t require repainting for a few years. You will want to paint your home interior between 5 to 7 years.

2. Kitchen: This is the heart of your home and as such, tends to be a very busy area. Because of all the activities that take place in a kitchen, they face lots of tears and wear. That said, kitchen walls tend to get dirty easily-grease, food prep, and cooking splatters often imply you should wash your walls frequently, which has an impact on how your interior paints last. Professional interior painting contractors utilize the most gloss, durable paints on satin and trim paints on walls in your kitchen to make sure that the paints last as long as possible. You will likely repaint your bathroom and kitchen and will require a fresh coat of paint every 4 or 3 years, sometimes longer.

3. Bedrooms: If you don’t have children, you will notice that the paint in your bedroom can last for a long time. Since adult bedrooms are not frequently used, you may realize that you don’t need to repaint unless you wish to refresh the color! Professional interior painting companies typically utilize a satin or an eggshell when repainting your kid’s bedroom walls. Kids bedrooms typically require to be repainted every 3 years.

best colors for home interior

Which Colors Are Best for Home Interior?

The interior paint colors you select revamp the appearance of your home. Color can break or make the interior parts of your home depending on the combination you prefer. Here are some interior wall color combinations you can try for your business or home:

  • Aquarium Grape and Blue
  • Yellow and Blue
  • White and Navy Blue
  • Turquoise and Soft Pink
  • Orange and White

Hire an Experienced Interior Painting Contractors to Repaint Your Home

Are you ready to trust your interior painting for a home to professionals? As we have discussed, there are multiple advantages to working with a professional interior painting services company. From the experience they bring, the time they save you, or the peace of mind you enjoy, they are worth it.

If you are planning to paint or repaint your home in Murfreesboro or nearby areas in Middle TN, First Class Painting would like to partner with you. Contact us to schedule your upcoming interior painting project today.

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