Commercial Painting Services: Everything You Need to Know

First impressions are crucial in your business. Nothing makes a huge initial impression on your clients than your commercial building. When your store or office is properly maintained, you appear more trustworthy and professional to new customers. However, if prospects approach your business and notice peeling or chipped paint, that impression will not be great. It is also crucial to remain on top of your property’s maintenance so that your building stays sound and solid. Commercial building painting is one of the inexpensive ways to update the look of your property. It will go a long way in impressing your clients and properly maintaining your building.

Industrial and commercial painting both involve painting a property for business purposes, but they do so with different goals in mind. Commercial painting services revolves around painting a business where clients will be present, a good example of this would be some kind of retail store. The paint used must be of high quality because it imparts a positive impression on the clients that see it. In numerous respects, the task of painting a commercial building is similar to that of painting a residential building, only on a large scale. On the flip side, industrial painting is all about the functionality of property over form, it focuses on creating a durable paint layer that will withstand the harsh manufacturing kind of environment.

What is Commercial Painting Services?

Commercial building painting is a process where a business hires an experienced professional painter to paint the exterior or interior of their property. Having any business space repainted or painted is typically commercial painting services. It covers large-scale paint jobs like retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants. Painting of this nature is mostly less aesthetic and functional, depending on your company. However, some exterior commercial painting projects may be visually appealing to attract potential customers.

Repainting your commercial building every few years should be on the top of your priorities. Why? It’s simple. There are numerous benefits of commercial building painting and this post will tell you a few of them. Here are some advantages of painting your commercial property:

  • Create a great initial impression on customers: Painting your commercial building’s interior and exterior surfaces, colorful and superb is a great way to build great first impressions on customers.
  • Increase your Commercial building’s value: If you are planning to sell your commercial building space, then repainting it will make it attractive to top customers and increase your resale value.
  • Reflects your Brand: Exterior commercial painting is such a great way to reflect your brand colors and business. Matching your property’s exterior paint to your company brand truly makes a statement.

Commercial Painting Services Murfreesboro TN

Material Used in Commercial Painting

Painting your commercial building can be challenging as you must consider numerous factors while remaining true to your business’s brand. Besides, commercial building is not similar to residential painting as many may come to think. So, business owners must treat the two differently as a basic paint job done wrong can result in a loss of time and money invested.

Having the right commercial painting materials can save you hours on paint projects while keeping your business efficient. Your customers expect a high-quality and quick job-and that begins with having the right materials for the job. We have compiled a painting materials list for every type of project to help make your exterior commercial painting and preparation work easier from beginning to end.


Epoxy is one of the best selections when painting floors and machinery since it is one of the long-lasting paint materials available in the market today. It is widely recommended for high-touch areas, such as machines and floors, it acts as a shiny sealant, helping surfaces to be cleaned with ease.

Industrial Primers

Many commercial building painting projects need a primer that inhibits corrosion and rust. This is particularly true for painting substrates, such as aluminum or steel. Construction and maintenance painting applications will frequently need a rust-inhibiting primer. These could be for aluminum buildings, new construction, or machining.

Dry Fall Acrylic Paint

Dry fall acrylic paint, particularly those that have mild resistance, is perfect for ceilings as well as for multiple surfaces, like PVC, wood, and metals. This kind of paint is recommended for commercial properties with multi-material ceilings, such as wiring and ventilation with multiple colors.

Rollers and Brushes

Using the right rollers and brushes does not only make your paint appear more uniform and nicer. It also promotes a steady and faster pace of the job. As for all business owners, time is money. You want to do it correctly for the first time, and you want your staff to work at the fastest pace they can without sacrificing quality. Selecting the right commercial painting equipment is an important step to attaining that.


Latex paint is one of the top picks for commercial building interior painting projects. It can come with a wide range of finishes and color choices that will assist it to correspond with your authentic brand’s look. This kind of paint is normally used to create crisp walls stunning murals and art.

Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Painting

Industrial painting requires to be done in an environment that is utilized for manufacturing purposes (think boats, aircraft, automobiles, and more), while commercial painting has everything to do with aesthetics. The focus of industrial painting jobs is made using long-lasting and durable coats.

Interested in Scheduling Your Commercial Painting Project?

Do you require more tricks on how to prepare for your upcoming commercial building painting project? Perhaps you have extra questions about how to schedule or budget your project, or you are searching for the right commercial painter to work with.

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